Leaving Home

A Day in the Life

This year is already shaping up to be a season of big changes for everyone in our family. One of the most significant changes started grinding into action this week. I’ve been playing this a little close to my chest so a lot of you may need some back story.


Ever since my first exposure and study of the Reggio Emilia approach to early learning, I have had fantasies of really digging deeper and spending my days in a Reggio-inspired environment. Sometimes I have been able for period to really incorporate some of that into my patenting, and in the early days I often dreamed of launching a new preschool or center myself. All along I kept my ear to the ground for opportunities to participate with a Reggio community, but there really was nothing like it around here. Over time, I connected with other important aspects of my personhood and calling, and also just spent a lot of time caught in the current of family life. That dream faded, but never completely disappeared.


However, last fall I attended a fundraising lunch for the Children’s Museum of Tacoma, which is a great community resource that draws on Reggio philosophy in it’s various programs. Over lunch, the Museum announced the upcoming launch of a preschool Children’s Center under it’s umbrella. The center would be called The Muse.


In the following months, I was increasingly fixated on the opportunities the kids and I would have in such a center, and when I found out there was really no part time opportunity for us all to join The Muse community, I made the exciting but difficult decision to apply for a full time position as an assistant teacher. The application process was long, and my interview came as I recovered from a pretty awful illness. I almost canceled. All along the whole process felt so tentative I felt quite private about it all. But just before Christmas, the call came. I was invited to join The Muse team as a Lead teacher in the preschool.


We got home from California with just a week to switch gears and work out the details. The most challenging part was finding and adapting to a place for the huckleberries to be for the month that I have preparing myself and the school for the official launch of The Muse in early February. My lovely friend Tori has taken them into her fold for the time being. It is strange and complicated to be away from the kids all day, but I spent the last week learning, growing, recharging, and getting inspired while Edie and Rory played their hearts out with charming little friends. So it was a good week, all balanced up, and it feels like the start of an amazing adventure.

All the photos are from the visits the kids paid me in our new school, except the one  sleeping littles in the bed they share.


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