Christmas Tree Sparkle

A Day in the Life

Oh Mama, did you forget this? Ooh this one. I think I made it in art class right? Oh, you have tho see this cute little birdy to hang on the Christmas tree. I know where this one’s from, Peru. I made this at art class too, a gingerbread. It’s like raruraru. Mom, I found some thing and it’s Jesus and it’s made out of crystals. Look what I found, an Angel. She’s going to be high in the sky like a real Angel. A hedgehog! A flower! Who did I get these from?


I’m going to hang it up; it’s beautiful. Look it, it’s like a real Christmas tree. Look at its star!


Can I hang this one up? Oh no, it broke an ear! And a leg too. Look at it, would you just look at it? I’ll hang this on top. How do you get this thing in? Maybe you put it like that. I’ll do it after. Now I’m going to look in the bag. I found a ruby crystal bird!


How ’bout that, mom? I’m going to put it where every single one can see it. What’s a feather doing in there? Look, it’s like a real Angel.


This is my too big pile. We must be very careful with this careful too big pile. Delicate.


All we have to do to fix it is glue the feather back on. Did you forget all about these elves? Oh, our cute nutcracker… I think it’s mine, it must be. I’m going to put it with the big one. I get it, the little one is mine and the big one is daddy’s.




Okay, now you tell me a story.

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