The Wild Rumpus

A Day in the Life


A few weeks ago, we celebrated little Rory finishing a whole year earthside with a small family-and-friends party in the mid-morning.


We were a bit worried it would be too crowded in our wee white house, but everyone crammed in just fine. Though we had planned for about eight children, each kid family we had invited had last minute troubles. Edie was disappointed and told me, “Mama, this party isn’t what I expected….” Of course that’s always a party hazard, and we can definitely understand how that happens!


The good news was, all the grownups were game for our silly plans! We made our own Wild Things puppets and ate lunch together. Rory wore his wolf suit and tamed us all with the magic trick of opening all his great presents and starting off cake time with his own slice.


It takes a little milk to make it through all this craziness.


When all that chocolate had been wiped up, Edie and her posse presented a very wild puppet show which Rory watched with delight. He clapped with all the rest of us and wiggled like a real King of all Wild Things.


Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us and to all the sweet family far away who sent gifts instead. It was so fun to jump into toddlerhood with our own wild rumpus!

I know lots of people were taking great photos (better than mine, since my iso was messed up), and I’d love to see them. Please post your favorites to the Huckleberries facebook page. Thanks!



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