Potato Day

A Day in the Life, Farm Book


Once I was digging the potatoes with my mom.


Um, my brother was playing in the dirt when my mommy and me were digging out the potatoes.
I was touching my hands on the dirt when my daddy took a picture. It was soft and squishy like toilet paper. Rocks and dirt and roots and stuff.
I found a potato in the dirt with my mother. Not very excited. I didn’t know we were not going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Because every year when summer starts we dig out the potatoes at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.


My brother was taking a bath in the dirt. My mom was cleaning my brother’s hands. That’s all for this weekend! -Edie

Although it was a pretty drizzly, we knew we needed to get the potatoes in for the winter before they got soggy in the ground. Edie worked hard to help sort out the yellow balls from the clumpy dirt. It was the first day Rory tried on his rain boots, and he was not impressed. While we sorted through the dirt, Rory thrashed around the wet sidewalk and figured out how to get his boots off. It wasn’t exactly his happiest moment. As he settled into the weather, though, he crept into the dirt and squished his own little mud pile. Wet, but not too cold, we headed into the mudroom to strip down and pre-rinse for a nice warm bath. -Mama


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