You’ll Be Around Forever Long

A Day in the Life, Art Book

Look, I can make all different kinds of green. I just put the blue first and then I put the green. I can make all different kinds of colors. This is not my favorite color- this is my favorite color. Ah, I can control the shades of blue too. That’s cool. What will happen if that happens? Not. What will happen if I mix this color and this color and a little bit of this color together? Pretty! This color, dip, and this color, this color, what does that make? Blue, pretty! Tip, tip, a little bit of this color. Pretty! And a little of this color. That’s shading pretty.


[Singing]Set it in the sunshine, you’ll be my girl. Set it in the sunshine, next to me. You’ll be my girl forever long.

Yes, it’s for experiments. Ex. per. EEE. mints. Okay, I’ve got it. Now it’s got its normal color again. Yay, I’m free. Okay, here goes. Did it. Me and my all natural color. Um. A little of that there. Me and my free free natural color. Okay, a little more of that one, and [grunting] a little more of that one. Weee, and my own natural color.


[Singing] You’ll be around forever long and you’ll be my heart. You’ll be in my heart, yes you will, you’ll be in my heart forever long. By yourself, in my heart. You’ll be a heart forever long. Let me see how much you’ve got, when I finally come to stop. I love the way comets zoom. I love the way comets zoom. I’ll be around forever. Dooo doo do dooo doduloodle doodle doodle. You’ll be around forever long and I’ll call you….

I just stuck my paintbrush in the green and it was so much water I couldn’t even see the paint brush because there’s so much green.

[Singing] You’ll be in my heart forever long, you’ll be in my harvest. Stuck my paintbrush in the blue, color color color wooo. Color color color woo. I will be around forever long, if I call your name.



Rory’s Room

A Day in the Life


He goes wherever he wants, these days. He stands up in the middle of the floor, walks across, and changes directions when something new catches his eye. If anyone feels like a little chase, he’s only too happy to run away. With a spotter, he can take the stairs, and with a little reminder he’ll even spin around to go feet first off of any elevated surface. Dangle dangle, little toes. Then grab the ground and sprint away.


From his little front room, he can creep up the step stool we painted in the summer. It’s the perfect spot to view the neighbors walking up and down the sidewalk, the garden growing in our front yard, and the HUG farm volunteers checking in on turnips in the right-of-way. He sings a song to them, and sometimes taps on the window.


Edie joins her brother to look out and to investigate the toys from his shelves. Seeing a big kid handling the treasures is a great provocation; he peers intently at pictures, or shape blocks, or animals she sets down. They talk together in a wiggly body language they both know by heart.


Every day his world is getting bigger, and it all starts in his own little room.

Rainbow Square Field

Art Book


It doesn’t really have a story, I told you. Maybe just a dream or something. I just used all the different colors. It has lots of colors. I did use red, but it has something in it that color. I just made it for you. And it’s so dry that it’s kind of patterny. Feel it. It’s like putting make-up on. I’m putting make-up on, Mama. Hey, are my cheeks turning green?

Please Do Touch

A Day in the Life, Why


It’s really really fall now, and that means more indoor adventures. We have a great collection of favorite places now that we have lived in Tacoma for a few years, and the top favorite remains the Children’s Museum of Tacoma. These days, there aren’t very many places where kids can practice making their own choices and controlling themselves without worrying too much about mistakes. We love the Museum because it’s a safe place to take some risks and jump into exploring. It’s full of things to touch, press, spill, climb, splash, pour, drop, paint, squish, and pile up.


“I like painting and I like playing. And I like painting butterflies.” -Edie


Our recent visits included some great interactive community sculpture. Above, Edie investigates a jump set where kids have been rolling wheels through paint and down the slopes. We check out the tracks left behind by everyone’s wheels. In another room, a potter’s wheel provides a spinning surface for bull’s eye drawings. Edie admires rainbow collection and adds one of her own, while Rory manipulates the mirrors and light tables nearby.


Both kids work together on the dials and toggles in the cockpit. Rory throws a switch back and forth intently. Edie zooms in to count the numbers on a pressure valve.


Rory discovered a new friend inside this under-stairs cave. He pops back out to introduce me and add his board to the peg panel just outside.

Each of our favorite places around town invite us to engage and participate in a different way. The Museum always provokes us to see the world in a new way. It’s so hard to leave, and we can never wait to go back!

Growing Too Fast For Owls

A Day in the Life

Dear Edie, it used to be that you were too small to put on your own pajamas. But you got stronger and more coordinated, and you learned to lay you jamms flat on the ground. You would sit your bottom down where it belonged and then carefully thread your feet, then your hands, through all the tangled tubes. Then you would zip Zip ZIP all the way up. You wanted help with the button.


But these footie jamms got too small. You put them on one night and went to bed, but pretty soon you came back down the stairs. Your hair was messy and your eyes were sleepy, and you said, “I can’t go to sleep, Mama. My toes are squished.”


So I got out my special scissors and clip Clip CLIPPED the front seam open, and your toes popped out like this.

Then you went potty and came back to me because you still want help with the button. Then you went to bed.

Love, Mama

Potato Day

A Day in the Life, Farm Book


Once I was digging the potatoes with my mom.


Um, my brother was playing in the dirt when my mommy and me were digging out the potatoes.
I was touching my hands on the dirt when my daddy took a picture. It was soft and squishy like toilet paper. Rocks and dirt and roots and stuff.
I found a potato in the dirt with my mother. Not very excited. I didn’t know we were not going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Because every year when summer starts we dig out the potatoes at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.


My brother was taking a bath in the dirt. My mom was cleaning my brother’s hands. That’s all for this weekend! -Edie

Although it was a pretty drizzly, we knew we needed to get the potatoes in for the winter before they got soggy in the ground. Edie worked hard to help sort out the yellow balls from the clumpy dirt. It was the first day Rory tried on his rain boots, and he was not impressed. While we sorted through the dirt, Rory thrashed around the wet sidewalk and figured out how to get his boots off. It wasn’t exactly his happiest moment. As he settled into the weather, though, he crept into the dirt and squished his own little mud pile. Wet, but not too cold, we headed into the mudroom to strip down and pre-rinse for a nice warm bath. -Mama