Pumpkin Huckleberry I See London I See France

A Day in the Life


“We just picked them, blam. I see London, I see France. No, Mom, it’s a different one! Not I see, like with eyes, but Icy, like icecubes on it. Like Snowy on it. Let’s name it Pumpkin Huckleberry Icy Snow, okay? I’m ready for the story: I’m not gonna go. You’re gonna go. By yourself. Lol. More lol. Icy London, Icy France. Icy mama underpants. Icy everybody’s underpants. Lol. Show that to everyone in the town.”


Anyway… we harvested our pumpkins this morning, all except the last two large red ones, which will ripen a bit more on the vine. It will take a week or so of indoor ripening to really sweeten them up, but they will be well ready in time for thanksgiving pies! We grew our pie pumpkins all the way from seed and we’re pretty excited to climb on them and lick them inside our cozy house now. Hopefully we’ll get to share some pie with you during the upcoming holidays!



Okay, now you tell me a story.

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