Another Round of Ballet

A Day in the Life


Last week we started preparing for the fall and the cold weather by signing up for the YMCA and registering for ballet! Edie did a round of Ballet classes last winter while we waited for the baby to come, and she kept talking about it all through the year, so when we checked out the schedule, we were pretty happy to find ourselves just in time for classes to start.

At first, she was feeling a bit concerned about a new teacher and new classmates, but this morning as we pulled on her polkadot tights she announced, “I’m not nervous anymore; just excited!” Dropping off involved a moment’s hesitation, but she was soon galloping off with three new friends and getting into the scarf twirling in a big way.

Meanwhile, Roly-poly and I checked out the equipment in the preschool/toddler gymnasium. He was so curious and excited to climb over large mats and shapes, and he pulled out the special delighted hyperventilation noise he usually saves for wild man stair climbing. The floor inset trampoline was a bit terrifying until those big kids finally went away, and the ladder to the slide was cooler than escaping to the laundry room. Roly has been considering walking for a while now, and seeing all the big kids run and play was additional inspiration for sure.


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