Week With Ellie

A Day in the Life

One time, Ellie came over for four days in a row! She is an outside kind of girl, and it was beautiful every day, so we just played outside almost the whole time!


We dug holes in the garden, picked purple flowers, and planted seeds. We ran in the grass and chased a ball down the sidewalk. We visited with neighbors.


We even did outside art! Anty Janis sent the paints and we made beautiful pictures. Edie remembered painting lots of giraffes in art class last year, so her picture featured a baby giraffe. That girl has such a long memory…


I overheard them talking one day.

Ellie: Meow. Meow. (lays head on Edie’s lap)

Edie: It’s like we’re sisters.

Ellie: I could be your sister.

Edie: Let’s be real sisters forever.


Sometimes when we were all the way worn out, we played inside for a few minutes. The spinning Hungry Caterpillar Toss was a favorite. We also read lots of books, both inside and out.


On the last day, we all felt a little melancholy. We talked about all the fun we had and finished the great snacks Ellie brought with her. It was sad to say goodbye, and the girls hugged over and over. But we’ll play again! Next time, let’s visit a park!

Edie says: “I love her.”


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