To Wrap My Baby Bunting In

A Day in the Life, Farm Book


Long ago we stuck some rabbit pelts in the freezer, and after a week of thawing and rounding up supplies, today was the day to process them. Rory came to help out. We had a reliable looking recipe from Mother Earth news, which gave us the option of using a salty solution of either alum or sulphuric acid… Weirdly, the acid was easier to find and purchase, so we are trying that out first.


Basically the tanning process involves brining the hides in this solution for a week and a half, then cleaning and “breaking” them: stretching the leather until it’s pliable and soft. It’s not as difficult as I imagined. Actually so far it seems pretty easy, though I’ll have to remember to stir the brine each day.


Our rabbits are Silver Foxes, a breed developed in the US to mimic the furs of the wild silver fox, which was endangered by overhunting early last century. Apparently many rabbit pelts so closely resemble the fox that DNA tests are required to verify authentic fox furs. No wonder the demand was high; the furs from both animals are quite beautiful. This shot of processing of course doesn’t show off the coloring, but I’ll post a photo of the finished product when we’re done. I’m pretty excited to see how they come out!


Other cool stuff we did today: Kevin harvested the turkey tail mushrooms…


Edie did lots of ballet, here demonstrating her second position…


Baked some French breads…

And built Glinda’s tower for the Oz figures to play in. It’s been a pretty good day.



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