Rory and Edie, potty buddies

A Day in the Life


We have been enjoying our diaper service, blending with paper diapers when we travel, and this week, Baby Rory started on option three: elimination communication. This worked well for Edie, who was out of diapers at eighteen months, so I was excited to try with Rory. We’re starting a few months earlier this time, and so far it’s been really encouraging.


Rory quickly relaxes when given a chance to sit on the potty at certain times a day, like right after nursing or getting out of a sling or backpack. It’s been fun to try out potty choices and save diapers by putting waste where it belongs, in the toilet. Edie helps by getting fresh diapers, checking if baby is wet, and making the hushing sounds we will teach him to associate with relaxing on a potty. He appreciates the help keeping clean… Most of the time.


It’s not always easier than just sticking a paper diap on, but I like the trade off. It takes more intentionality right at first, and since the convenient supplies are different from things used for conventional diapers and potty training, it takes some resourcefulness and experimentation to get started. For us, the rash prevention and the diaper savings are worth it in the long run. It ends up feeling much simpler and less wasteful.

Edie still uses her own potty at night since our only bathroom is so far from the bedrooms, and we keep some around the house for baby potty ease… For a little while it will be quite the potty parade around here!


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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