Welcome, Baby Rory!

A Day in the Life


All through November, we waited and waited. Mama’s belly was so big and round, and no one was allowed to jump on her. You’re growing the new baby, Edie knew. Most days, Edie went to the YMCA with Mimee, while Mama rested and put the finishing touches on the newest little one. We didn’t know if it would be a boy or a girl. Sometimes Mama had gentle feelings in her uterus, contractions, that let her know the baby would be coming soon, but they weren’t strong enough yet to get that baby out.


Then, very early one morning, the strong contractions started coming. Mama worked on her own for a while, and ate a blueberry muffin while she waited to see if this would be the baby’s birthday. When she was sure, she called the midwife and the helpers that would come to meet the baby with us. Then it was time to wake up Daddy, and Mimee and Poppy. When Daddy started putting warm water in the pool, Edie woke up. It was still early and dark, so Edie came up and hugged Mama. “It’s the baby’s birthday today!” She sat with Poppy to watch while Mama sang to the baby, at first gently, then louder and louder.


When the pool was ready, Mama rushed down and sat down deep in the warm water. Edie and Katy lit candles on the candle tree, and we made a calm, warm place for the baby to come as the sun was rising. Once Mama was comfortable in the pool, the baby was really ready to come out. It happened so fast! Mama pushed hard, so hard that she made her most powerful noises, and so fast that the baby came out in only eight minutes. The waters around the baby came out with a swish, and the baby came right after. Mama lifted and wrapped the baby with a cozy wet blanket.


After a few minutes, everyone was curious: Mama asked Edie to come help her check if the baby had a penis or a vagina. It’s a girl! Edie told everyone. Those pesky baby parts can be hard to tell. Mama took a look too: “Oh, no, it is not!” We were all surprised. Mimee told Edie, “You have a little brother!”


What is his name going to be? His name is Rory Evans, Edie told us, remembering the plans we made while we were still waiting for that little guy. We all got in bed and snuggled up: it was time to rest and celebrate! Daddy read a special message he made for the baby, and we toasted a hearty early morning toast. Edie snuggled Mama and held the baby close. I love you, baby brother.

If you were at the Rory’s birth, please share any special memories in the comments below!


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