Now We Are All Three






This has been a crazy and challenging year for our family, and I am so glad our friends and relations have been so understanding. While many of the transitions we’ve gone through are fun and exciting (in some ways), pretty much all optional activities were jettisoned early this year. While we are starting to piece things back together, the future looks like more crazy, and I’m still deciding how to balance responsibilities while we wait for that magical fairy tale land of Back To Normal.

However, one of the big important things I want to prioritize is remembering and treasuring this time. It’s also important to get back in touch with all the people we really care about and who I know care about us. I have missed so many great photo opportunities, showing our daily lives and the special times with people we love, but I’d like to take this post to share the sweet things I did capture. This will be a lot of photos and not so much story, but hopefully we can get caught up and be ready to share our upcoming joys as well.


Park time


Early summer water play


Iris’s Ballet performance of “Wizard of Oz,” with Edie in Iris’s previous recital costume¬†IMG_20140613_102954

Edie and Aydan at the water table at the Children’s Museum of TacomaIMG_20140613_104154

Edie and Aydan build their city in the museum Studio


Edie and Grandma on the phone to Aydan


Trying on some costumes at home


Seattle waterfront adventure with Kelly and Heather


Reading with Anty Kelly


Icecream with Mimee


Navigating a washout with Poppy


Huckleberry hunting on the Olympic Peninsula


River splashing with Mama


Drinking a waterfall with Poppy


Climbing at Snake Lake with Maren


Surveying the yield from Grandma and Grandpa’s vegetable garden


Holding chickens with Iris


Yoga poses with Mimee


Showing off Ivy Princess crowns with Iris


Hiking with Jamison and MC group


Waterfront at Winslow with Daddy


A quick mile jog around Snake Lake with Mama and Iris


Baseball game with Grandma and Grandpa


Picking blackberries with Mimee



All Worn Out


Most of this year has had me crashed out like Edie in this last shot, but by the beginning of next year I should be recovering some energy and we’ll start to hammer out our new normal. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to keep you updated on the handful of adventures we have left, and about mid November, Edie and I will be excited to present you with the newest little huckleberry!


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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