Two Things About Cousins

A Day in the Life

This is Edie. Edie has three first cousins and one second cousin. All the first cousins live in other countries. We could fly there. The second cousin lives in another county. We can drive there.


When the mail man came one day, he brought a message. The envelope says it is from very far away. Edie uses her fingers to open it up.


This message is from first cousins! Aydan drew a beautiful picture! There is a message from Drake on the back too! Edie is so excited to read the messages. Thank you, Aydan and Drake! In a few months we will see Edie’s first cousins and hug them and play with them.


Here is something about that second cousin. Iris had a birthday party! To get ready, we went to the store and got special birthday crowns for Iris and Edie. Even though it was not Edie’s birthday.


Iris is a big girl, kind of like a grown up, especially because she had a birthday. She let Edie blow out candles, and Edie even got some icecream. Happy birthday Iris! Now Edie can’t wait for her birthday!


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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