Winter Adventures

A Day in the Life


Here are some funny things we did early this winter. One day Edie walked the whole way to the Children’s Museum down town. Its one mile, two miles, two miles and a half. She used the water table for a long time, experimenting with the flowing river, rocks, and animal toys. Later in the studio, she did a fabulous ribbon dance to friends’ exotic autoharp music. Her hips rotated like a slo-mo hula hoop. I almost fell off my rug.


When our adventure was over, we had the good luck of catching a bus home. Edie’s legs are strong for a nice long walk down the hill, but after playing out, an uphill walk home was not appealing.


This is a bath with a little acrylic blue in it for extra Arctic appeal. It only takes a smudge to get this color, and we added lots of oatmeal so it was a bit opaque as well. Edie swirled the water around to find the toys and swam on her belly for a long time, telling these hilarious crazy mermaid stories.


One day we made some salt dough. It was kind of a disaster. It was pretty exciting to stir it up and mix the color in, but it turns out whole wheat dough really does make a difference. We added some gluten and it turned out all right, but when we baked the pieces they salinated like an ancient desert and the pretty colors were not visible. Oh well, it was funny for the time being.


We also had one perfect snow day so far this winter. About an inch fell in the night and it stayed cool and clear until about nap time when it melted. Edie took the opportunity to jump out in the snow, all bundled up. We made a tiny snow man and threw tiny snow balls and laughed our heads off, as usual.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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