A Castle

A Day in the Life

I made a tower. Maybe Mimee and Poppy live in it, or grandma and grandpa. Or california. They’re going to fight with the green. Look, and then that goes there and then that goes there. A castle for Mimee and poppy. They are not going to fight anymore. Now I’m gonna build one for Nana and Papa. Here is the roof.I’m just going to dump it all out, is that fine? I mean…

Dad, are you a boy or a girl? I said that earlier. I’m just a girl. I just have long hair.

I’m making a swing now. That’s a slide. This there. Now fire is going to come out after I chop all the pieces down. Are you going to see it? Now fire is coming out to scare you! This is somebody’s fire. It’s not coming out any more.

I’m cutting the lemonade because it’s not fire anymore.  I’m cutting the fire. You do that and then you do that. Oh, actually you just need that one.


Maybe a angel could come live in it. Uh! I knocked it down! Sorry, Angel.

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Okay, now you tell me a story.

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