September with Gabe

A Day in the Life


In September, Gabe was coming to the white house lots. We had all kinds of different adventures, and as usual we walked, biked, or bussed to all of them! One day we went to Sheridan Park, where we ran races and climbed this climbing wall. We imagined it was a mountain, and the friends took turns pretending to be mountain goats with silly goat voices and curled fingers for horns.


Another day we got to visit the Art Ashram all together. Our friends Kai and Aiden came too! We focused on the color orange with leaf etching and got a chance to draw pumpkins and paint together. Orange is the perfect color to study in the fall.


A week later, we had a special expedition to Snake Lake Nature Center, which has a beautiful natural playscape where we can slide down a hollow log, use a periscope in a tree house, or use and old fashioned pump for sand and water play. We also walked the half mile loop through the woods. This picture is from when we stopped to check out the turtle vista.


Of course, every day we also played at the white house and did big kid jobs. Edie and Gabe can: go potty by themselves, clean up dishes, wipe down the table, pour milk or water from a small pitcher, take care of the playroom, and get shoes and jackets on. They also help feed the chickens!


When the friends were finally worn out, they liked to relax by reading books to each other, or snuggling up to read with Adele. They turned pages and asked great questions about the stories and pictures we read. Some of our favorites are Hungry Caterpillar, Harold and the Purple Crayon, and Pat the Bunny. But did you know Pat the Bunny is about Gabe and Edie? Do not try to read it about Paul and Judy. That will not fly.


Thanks for playing with us, Gabe! Have fun with your new nanny and please come visit again!


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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