Jack and Jill

A Day in the Life


One of the last days of summer, we set off for a run. Edie was really fast on the sidewalk and Gabe was really fast on the hill. We got up to the top of the hill next to the reservoir and looked out over our city and the mountain. It’s great when we can find playspaces mixed into the urban environment, because they tend to me more engaging than playfields or constructed spaces, and our imaginations get more exercise.


Our bodies got lots of exercise too. Once we got around the reservoir, we discovered a great hill for rolling down. It had a lot of grass clippings and a bit of dew on it, but that just made it better for rolling down. We sang Jack and Jill over and over, and the little friends ran to the top to tumble down over and over too. Sometimes we were rolling sideways, and sometimes somersaulting. Always laughing.


It was such good kid exercise and so much fun that we hardly minded taking a shower outside with all our clothes on and then changing into dry things in the entryway afterward.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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