Adventures with Betty and Abigail (and Nickel)

A Day in the Life


We go on a walk at Snake Lake. Abigail, hold my hand. Gabe hold my hand too. Look at the ducks in a pond! I want to touch ants.


I’m in the nest! I’m the mama bird, Betty is the baby bird. No Betty. Get out. I’m in it.


Sea weed. Fucus. I don’t want to taste it. It’s yucky. Actually it’s yummy. I can have some more. Abigail and Betty like it. Betty eats it all gone. Pop pop. I want more sea weed on the beach.


Three baby tigers at the zoo. See them, Betty? I want a snack. It’s the mama gibbon, right there. Don’t hold my hand.


We can go on the carousel. I pick… that one. I ride on the zebra. It’s going up and down. Betty, ride that horse. Abigail, can you ride on a slug?


We go to the museum today? Right now? Another friend, it’s Hazel. I’m not all done with lentils. I do this slide all by myself, see? I do it again.


Down in the river, come in it with me. I jump off this bridge, okay? I climb down it. Fountains spray me! I like it. Here I found this otter statue. I like these bubbles. My friends are with me in the water. It’s a sunshine day.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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