Zoo trip, part 1

A Day in the Life


Go on a bus. This bus has 2. Number 2 bus, let’s ride it to the zoo! See all the animals! I have money, it’s from Grandpa Bill. Let’s get a zoo pass. We go every day! Get off a bus, walk walk walk. Mom, I need coffee. Hot coffee.


Sit on the little potty at the zoo. It’s my favorite. I need to play play play. Drink my water, please? I want a snack.


I go down the slide so fast. Climb up here with me. Look, it’s big fish! It’s piranhas! What’s over there? I like wallabies in there. Move over, boy. I fall down. I’m okay. I eat french fries. More drink please.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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