My Second Birthday Party

A Day in the Life


Today my birthday! Happy birthday to you happy birthday Edie! My birthday in April. I want to see Grandma and Grandpa. I want to see Mimee and Poppy. I want Iris. All my friends.


My fancy birthday ballet dress. I put on my yellow necklace. Auntie Jeri! Hi Jessie. Uncle Jim. Anna is coming! I want a snack. I want a jelly straw. Purple jelly straw please. It’s Sakura party. See, sakuras way up high. Pink sakuras and… pink sakuras.


It’s my cake. Pink flowers on my cake. I like pockie. Open my presents! It’s dresses! It’s paint! It’s tools! My bath toys, open my mermaid please. Thank you! Thank you. Bye bye Auntie Enin, uncle Brendan. Bye bye Auntie Janis. Bye bye Auntie and Iris. Thank you thank you.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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