Mimee at Point Defiance Park

A Day in the Life


Mimee come over! Hi! Hello! Go in a store. Pretty earrings. This boy doll, can I have it? My belly too hungry. How about hamburger? And french fries. And that, strawberry that. Drink it.


We walk at a pond. One daddy duck. It’s green, green head duck. It’s curly tail. Throw a rocks in water. It’s dripping! Cherry tree. We find stars on a ground. One red star, this green star, in my hand. It’s falling down! It’s water falling down! It’s beautiful. Hold a hand Mimee. Run up a bridge, run down! Again, again! By myself!


Daffodils. Don’t pick em. Tea pot song Mimee. Sit on a rock. I go in garden. What’s this? What’s this flower? I pick it. It’s daisies. A tree house. Yes, inside. Go out. Go out Mama and Mimee. I got to go pee pee. Cross a bridge. Mimee makes a crown on my head. I want it. I don’t want it. I want it. I see turtles! I see daddy ducks and mama ducks and daddy ducks. I see red fish and yellow fish. It’s blowing bubbles.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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