Ducks and Squirrels

A Day in the Life


Run up to Wright Park. It’s climbing. Play a music.  Mama, ride on this toy. I slide down it! I jump off it! I run away!


A mama duck and a daddy duck. Two daddy ducks. Fern, fern, daisy, dandelion.  Here you go Mama. No Os, ducks. It’s my cheerio. No. Edie eat it. Don’t pick a daffodil. Smell a pink flower. A rhododendron.


A squirrel! A squirrel! It on a grass! Catch it! I catch it. A squirrel up a tree, mom.


One thought on “Ducks and Squirrels

  1. “Edie! Little Edie. Friends! Yay. I clapping. Edie in Acoma. Anna? Car seat? Friend Edie. Cute” This was Kami’s response to Edie’s post. I think it’s funny that she called her little Edie 🙂

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