No Pneumonia

A Day in the Life


I bring my doctor bag. My cuff, my squeeze. Thirty eight. Okay. Healthy. Cough cough. No! No! Don’t look at me! No listen stethoscope! No belly! No back! Cold! Don’t touch me, go away, no doctor, no Mama!

No deep breath. Okay, read book. Okay, be calm. Are you all done? Are you all done! Climb up table. Mama,  where doctor go? No doctor, okay. Read a book time. Go a park.


Ducks eat my muffin. Mama duck, daddy duck, daddy duck. Come here duck. Mama, it’s come here! Quiet,  shhh. Duck under me. Duck under bench. Duck swimming in pond.

Go on swings. Spider style! Edie and Mama, Edie and Mama, spider style! Go on this one. Go on slide. I’m happy now.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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