Aydan Comes to Tea

A Day in the Life


I have been playing so hard that I can’t write the Huckleberries fast enough! I said lots of funny insightful things, some in sentences of nine words at a time, but for the next few days I will show you lots of pictures to get caught up.

These ones are from when Aydan came over to play all by herself. We cut up veggies and had crackers and apples and a big yummy tea party. We used polite words like please and thank you, and when we were all done we cleaned up our own cups. I have extra special little girl cups and we didn’t break any because we were careful and gentle.


We played in the play room for a long time with all my puzzles. I saw how much Aydan likes puzzles so now I love them too. It’s silly. All my headbands were in a basket by the mirror so we dressed all up and showed off our silly faces.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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