Happy Birthday Da Da

A Day in the Life


Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Daddy. Kiss. Get on train. Drive okay. Bus stop! Bus stop! Sit with Aydan. Sit by self. No lap. Where’s Auntie Kim? Right there! Where’s Uncle Patrick? Right there! Where’s baby Drake? Right there! Where’s Auntie Erin? Right there! Where’s new baby? Right there, Auntie Erin belly. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Brendan back there.


Are you all done? Get off train. Jump! Hold Aydan hand. Hold hand. Ride up, yellow, jump! Ride up stairs! Aydan hold hand.


I’m hungry. Belly too hungry. No french fries. No eggs. No noodles. No bread. No no no. Don’t! No! I’m too sleepy. Go with Grandma. Fish. Eye. Mouth. Night night.

Uncle Brendan. See cheese. Auntie Erin. Okay. Go home, cook too. Go Grandma’s house. Pumpkin pie please. More cookie part.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Da Da

  1. Aydan, “I want to sing Edie the ABC song.” She sings it with Grandma… or better, she listens to Grandma singing the song and eats an apple. “I want to buy some puzzles for you.”

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