Reservoir. Dog.

A Day in the Life


It is a sunny day so I have to take Mama outside. We decide to walk around the Alaskan Reservoir which is right by our house. We climb up up up. Way up high! Hand please. There are some yummy plants here. They really not ready to eat yet but we will come back.

At the top of the hill we can see the Mountain and the hospital and all the steeples. I run around on the flat field and then I run down the hill. We come out on a grassy slope. Oh, park! Mama says we can walk on the grass so I am storming across the squishy grass in my boots. That is when I see a mushroom. Then another. And another! One two three seven eight! All them! When we are outside we don’t touch mushrooms unless we have our special mushroom knife. So I use my naturalist eyes. Here some! Here some. Different. More mushrooms. Little mushrooms. Brown.


There are more treasures in the grass. Mama! Yellow flowers! Pick okay! I fill up my hands with happy dandelions. Some are up the hill and some are down, so I hop like an Easter bunny to catch them all.


We are almost home. A big dog jumps up on his fence. Dog bark. Mama, dog is barking. That’s enough, dog.


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