Happy Birthday Uncle Brendan!

A Day in the Life

I have been practicing my birthdays. I am ready for Uncle Brendan’s surprise party! I wake up Aydan to come make cards with me. She is grumpy from sleeping but she feels better when she gets her party jumper on. We are hugging and holding tight on my Mama. We are also doing cute fuuny things and Auntie Kim takes pictures of us. If you saw the one on Facebook where she is choking me, it was hilarious. We are gentle together but we are pretty little. Sometimes we are crazy for fun.


We jump out and say Surprise! Aydan seems to know what’s going on here. I am a little confused so I follow her lead. I see Uncle Brendan and give him a big hug! Happy birthday! I eat candy. Some I share with Aydan but mostly I eat it up. Red candy. More please. Blow candles! When cake comes I pick strawberry and I eat it all. And chips. It’s okay, I ate my hamburger first. There are lots of kids here. I run around until way past my bed time. It is amazing. Everything is funnier when you are supposed to be sleeping.


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