Birthday Season

A Day in the Life

Today I am just staying home and playing with my toys, watching movies, and relaxing. I had a really busy weekend because Da took Mama on a train to get new shoes. I slept at Grandma’s house one night and Mimee’s house one night. I played with Grandma and Grandpa and Mimee and Poppy and Uncle Matt and Uncle Mike and Phydeaux and Auntie and Iris. I was going to play with Aydan and baby Drake but I had too many boogers. A few more days.


Since I am a little sick and also tired from a happy weekend, I will play quiet games today. This is a really good one. I love the birthday game because I pick who we sing to. Sometimes me, sometimes Mama, sometimes my animals, sometimes Uncle Matt. I decorate the cake with candy and birthday candles.


Jelly beans Poppy favorite. Uncle Matt bear like jelly beans. Candle, jelly beans. Happy birthday to you! Cake Uncle Matt bear. Kitchen! Gum drops, jelly beans. Other one get it. Yeah. Couch. On chair. Oh I got it. Oh.

Gumdrops too. Bear sleeping.  Candles. One candle… kitchen! Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Uncle Matt, happy birthday to you!

I take all my supplies into the kitchen and walk slowly back out to the living room with my finished cake, singing the birthday song. Mama, Gibbon, and Uncle Matt’s bear with a broken leg take turns blowing out the candles.

I get so excited about all this birthday stuff. In my family we have lots of spring birthdays so there will be cake at least once a week from now until the apple blossoms fall. I climb up on the chair and tell Mama, ready? Ready? Reach to jump! Fly! Again!


One thought on “Birthday Season

  1. Once upon a time, Anty Kelly got blue hair. She thought, It would be nice to come for Edy’s birthday! So she looked at the planes and how much money about it. Then she thought about sleep and where she would sleep. Then she said, Edy, tell Mama to call Anty Kelly so we can talk about it. Do they live happily ever after??? ………….

    Yes of course.


    Anty Kelly

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