Tiger Time

A Day in the Life

Anna came to my house and we went to the zoo. See alalala animals zoo zoo zoo. Elephants! Now back tigers. No no no.

First we visit the meerkats. They are inside their house because it is cold with a little rain. Rain rain go away. We stand at the glass and watch, then I check out the outside part but it is empty.  We check the fish out. Lemurs are not out today.

I visit the kid potty, one of the best parts of the zoo, then we climb all over the rocks and the alligator. I try climbing to the top of the slide but it is too wet to ride down so I just go back down with Anna. There is no big rain but the ground is extra slippery so Anna and I both fall down a lot. Sometimes we cry. There are lots of peacocks.

We go to have lunch. We can sit in the cafe and eat our lunch from home. I brought noodles, ham, sweet potatoes, and a little salad. I eat every single noodle on my plate. The mamas get coffee. They don’t share.

We have my little red wagon but Anna doesn’t want to sit in it. I only want to sit in it a little. We go over to the elephants and watch. It is a boy one and a girl one. No pee this time. Next we see otters. Down at the tiger pen Jaya is on her big rock jumping for meat while the zoo keeper tells us about her. When she goes to the doctor she has to stay asleep with medicine. She lays down next to the fence and the zoo keeper gives her a shot right through the fence. She gets sleepy then. Zoo keepers don’t like to give tigers shots with no fences. My new friends at community group just taught me about shots last night. It is when you have plastic toy with a clicker like a pen and you wiggle it on your hand and pretend to cry. I thought it was hilarious but apparently tigers don’t understand the humor.

We have baby tigers at the zoo too! One two five tigers. We also have this amazing square with a railing around it and if you hold on the rail and walk around and around it’s so funny.

I say hi to the Gibbons and the anoa. They are sharing an enclosure today. Anna likes my Gibbons too. The girl one and the boy one are snuggling in their basket. I don’t know if they are a mama and da or if they are a brother and sister.


In the aquarium I can see the octopus just a little in her dark cave. It is not as exciting as last time when she was dancing and kissing the tank. But it was nice to say hello. We go upstairs but both Anna and I are getting too sleepy to listen to Mamas. We run outside on the grass for a minute and then we walk up up up all the steps to Anna’s car.

I am trying to read a book with my friend but we.
.. just… can’t…stay…..



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