Woods on 12th Street

A Day in the Life



Last night I went to Mimee and poppy’s house in Bremerton. I miss them a lot and every day I talk about visiting so finally Mama and I just went. We snuggled and talked and made pizza.

Today I came to some woods by the park. They are making a new spray ground so we can’t go in the park but the woods are full of squirrels, birds, and bumblebees.

Treasure box. Open it Mama. This. Cone. I put in. Close it. Help! Jump off. Where’s this come from? Birds. Up up up the hill.

We explore and climb. I stand above the diggers and watch the new park get built. We feel moss and bark and lichen, and I collect some cedar bark and soft sweet cedar feathers.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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