Anonona one New House

A Day in the Life


We got another new house. It is white and I have my own secret closet and the carpet gives me hives. I got a new phone and a new car kind of but mostly a bus. And a new church and some new friends.

At our red house I have this sweet playroom where Anna and I can drive strollers at the same time. At my new house I can only read books in the playroom. But my baby Helen can have her own room. And I can watch movies on cassette in the kitchen. Make tower movies. Fall down.

We did lots of funny things but my phone was broken so no Huckleberries. Sorry. But I miss you. Especially I call Mimee and Poppy on Mama’s phone and I call Grandpa Bill and Grandpa Joe on my purple phone.

Edie ‘Rene. One. Happy Birthday. April.


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