Run Bike and Walk

A Day in the Life

I was going on lots of adventures, like on Friday I took Mama running to UPS. On Saturday I took Mama and Da on bikes to Grandma’s house. When we got there I took a nap, but when I woke up, I took Grandpa to the Pagoda in Point Defiance. His work fixed it after it got broken by fire. I played at the frozen ice pond and threw big ices at the ice like those big kids. When we got back to the red house Mimee and Iris were there! Then Poppy came! I was so happy.

I sang Yes Jesus loves me yes jesus loves me bible bible by myself after church on Sunday. Mama tried to take a movie but no way would I do it again. How invasive.

Monday I was supposed to see baby Myla but Mama got sick belly hurt so I didn’t get to. Anna too, but we will see our friends next week. Meanwhile I am bored and lonely.

We picked out another new house. It is not very far away and I think let’s move there in two or three weeks. Please come visit me!


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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