I make Kombucha

A Day in the Life

I love kombucha. It is so yummy and sparkley; sometimes when I first wake up I ask for kombucha instead of milk. But there is a problem. It takes two weeks to make kombucha but usually I want to drink it in just one week. So I decided to make my own.

I got this jar, which is for raisins. I am not totally sure what is supposed to be in kombucha, but raisins are probably good. So far as I can tell the most important part about making kombucha is putting a towel on the top, so I snagged this washcloth from the kitchen. It is a perfect fit!

Kombucha! I tell my babies, and I show them how to do it. Washcloth, top: kombucha! Kombucha drink it. Delicious! Yummy drink it kombucha. Peek-a-goo! Kombucha. I will share some with my babies. Would you like some too?


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