Big Bath

A Day in the Life

My bath tub at the New House is enormous. I can float and blow bubbles and kick my feet and almost swim away in it. Swim. Mimee. In the morning, Mama and I take our bath together. I help wash her hair and I pour my cup on her knees. Warm water, in? Okay. Get in. Climb in now. Ready? Wash wash. Soap. More water? Too hot. Bubbles! Bubbles right there.

The last few days I am growing this fat yucky tooth. It makes me tired and too hot and too hungry. Yesterday I watched three movies: Ponyo, Treasure Planet, and the Last Unicorn. I don’t watch very many movies and those ones are kind of boring. The speaker on our computer is very very quiet, and there are some explosions and flying, but mostly it is talking. So I fell asleep. I also spent a lot of time with Cold Snail and Cold Butterfly. And Milk.

Today is a little better but I am still tired so I think I will watch Treasure Planet again. Night night.


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