New House

A Day in the Life

So a funny thing happened. I used to live downstairs at Mimee and Poppy’s house but now I got a new house. Just me and my Mama and my Da live here. Weird, huh. It is in Tacoma, where Grandma and Grandpa live. At first I thought maybe they would come live at the new house too but it turns out it’s really just us.

At my new house, I have my own room and my own bed and my own caterpillar. I have a big playroom to drive my baby’s stroller and my bike, and I have to help my Mama do lots of chores. All week we opened one two three one two three boxes, and we found all kinds of things that had to go to all different rooms. It was pretty exciting.

Now we are just starting to relax. I take long baths in a big big bathtub and yesterday we went for a long walk to the store. It was too long. I had to ride Mama’s shoulders. Next time we will drive a bike instead.

I talk on the phone to Mimee and Poppy. Hi! Hello! New house! What’s this, hmmm? Uncle Matt, okay. Baby: nap. I love you! Good bye!


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