Tacoma Children’s Museum

A Day in the Life

My bus goes right down to the Children’s Museum so we went to check it out a few days ago. I want to live there. It is the coolest. Besides the zoo of course.

Mama and I walked out of our house to our bus stop. When we got on the bus I got my own seat and I could look out the window. I saw a big garage for fire trucks.

We walked across when the walk man came on the cross box. So we were safe.

Inside the museum was so beautiful! It was all shiny and full of exciting things to do. I ran straight to the water works, where there were balls and animals and all kind of wonderful toys to play in a big river. I collected up lots of balls and put them in another pool. I could look in a window to see under water.

We had a snack in the cafe and then went back to play. This time I picked dramatic play. I made Mama a pink strawberry soup. Stir stir stir! Then we went over to the climbing structures, which had bikes and mailboxes and wheels and all kind of great things.

I had to have a nap.


Run Bike and Walk

A Day in the Life

I was going on lots of adventures, like on Friday I took Mama running to UPS. On Saturday I took Mama and Da on bikes to Grandma’s house. When we got there I took a nap, but when I woke up, I took Grandpa to the Pagoda in Point Defiance. His work fixed it after it got broken by fire. I played at the frozen ice pond and threw big ices at the ice like those big kids. When we got back to the red house Mimee and Iris were there! Then Poppy came! I was so happy.

I sang Yes Jesus loves me yes jesus loves me bible bible by myself after church on Sunday. Mama tried to take a movie but no way would I do it again. How invasive.

Monday I was supposed to see baby Myla but Mama got sick belly hurt so I didn’t get to. Anna too, but we will see our friends next week. Meanwhile I am bored and lonely.

We picked out another new house. It is not very far away and I think let’s move there in two or three weeks. Please come visit me!

Hipster Dance

A Day in the Life

Some people came to see out house today because they might want to live here next. I say: no! Edie new house! But we have to go on walks so they can play with my toys without me. I eat fries, then we go on a long walk and see a park and some stores.

When we get home I am so cold and grinchy. I am grinchy a lot this week because of that yucky tooth, but I am extra grinchy because of cold. Once I warm up a bit with mmmmoll-k, I do a dance to warm up even more. At first I spin with ballet arms up, but then I decide to play it cool. I put my hands in my pockets and bump my hips just slightly while tapping my toes. I rock from side and turn slowly in a circle. I am very chill.

I make Kombucha

A Day in the Life

I love kombucha. It is so yummy and sparkley; sometimes when I first wake up I ask for kombucha instead of milk. But there is a problem. It takes two weeks to make kombucha but usually I want to drink it in just one week. So I decided to make my own.

I got this jar, which is for raisins. I am not totally sure what is supposed to be in kombucha, but raisins are probably good. So far as I can tell the most important part about making kombucha is putting a towel on the top, so I snagged this washcloth from the kitchen. It is a perfect fit!

Kombucha! I tell my babies, and I show them how to do it. Washcloth, top: kombucha! Kombucha drink it. Delicious! Yummy drink it kombucha. Peek-a-goo! Kombucha. I will share some with my babies. Would you like some too?

Big Bath

A Day in the Life

My bath tub at the New House is enormous. I can float and blow bubbles and kick my feet and almost swim away in it. Swim. Mimee. In the morning, Mama and I take our bath together. I help wash her hair and I pour my cup on her knees. Warm water, in? Okay. Get in. Climb in now. Ready? Wash wash. Soap. More water? Too hot. Bubbles! Bubbles right there.

The last few days I am growing this fat yucky tooth. It makes me tired and too hot and too hungry. Yesterday I watched three movies: Ponyo, Treasure Planet, and the Last Unicorn. I don’t watch very many movies and those ones are kind of boring. The speaker on our computer is very very quiet, and there are some explosions and flying, but mostly it is talking. So I fell asleep. I also spent a lot of time with Cold Snail and Cold Butterfly. And Milk.

Today is a little better but I am still tired so I think I will watch Treasure Planet again. Night night.

New House

A Day in the Life

So a funny thing happened. I used to live downstairs at Mimee and Poppy’s house but now I got a new house. Just me and my Mama and my Da live here. Weird, huh. It is in Tacoma, where Grandma and Grandpa live. At first I thought maybe they would come live at the new house too but it turns out it’s really just us.

At my new house, I have my own room and my own bed and my own caterpillar. I have a big playroom to drive my baby’s stroller and my bike, and I have to help my Mama do lots of chores. All week we opened one two three one two three boxes, and we found all kinds of things that had to go to all different rooms. It was pretty exciting.

Now we are just starting to relax. I take long baths in a big big bathtub and yesterday we went for a long walk to the store. It was too long. I had to ride Mama’s shoulders. Next time we will drive a bike instead.

I talk on the phone to Mimee and Poppy. Hi! Hello! New house! What’s this, hmmm? Uncle Matt, okay. Baby: nap. I love you! Good bye!