Christmas Tree

A Day in the Life

We drive to some trees and look at them all. I wear my snowsuit even though it is not snowing, just raining. I was sleeping but Mama tells me to come on and I get out. Iris! Iris! Cookie, Christmas tree. What’s that? What’s that?

I hold hands with Mimee and Poppy, and we look at all the trees. We pick out one straight and tall, and a guy with a yellow suit takes it back to the truck. Cookie?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree

  1. Dear Edie,
    We have our Christmas tree now too, except ours is a little crooked. But it’s still pretty, and Grandpa and I talked about you when we picked it out. We’re so excited to see you on Christmas!
    Grandma Connie

  2. Edie,

    We would love to have spent Christmas with you. Wanted to see your precious little face as you enjoyed everything you experienced. Someday maybe you can come and see our Christmas decorations and we can bake cookies.

    Loves Nana and Papa

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