Secret Colors

A Day in the Life

Shhh I’m making a secret surprise for someone . Black. Blue. Yellow. Painting, paint brush. Tape. Clean up. Arm, paint? Armpit? Okay.

I give myself sleeves of beautiful art and I make sure some gets on my belly. This is all part of my plot to ensure I get a bath tonight!

Step up. All step up, rosie rosie! Sit down drain. I found it! I found it! Uh oh, hiding. I found it, Mama, hiding. Up up up… Sit down. Face face, I found it! Yeah! Hiding. Night night Edie, night night. Sleepy blanket.

I drape my washcloth over my belly and tuck myself in. Uh oh. Gas! Bubble! Jump up, oh my. Potty?

After a momentary break I resume my washcloth play. Neck! Head, hat. Knee on knee on. Get washcloth. Yay washcloth! All done. No no no no no. Yes yes. All done now. Edie, Edie painting. Hair, all done.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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