Batch of ‘Bucha

A Day in the Life

Today we made our third batch of kombucha and we tasted our first and second batches. They are all coming out really yummy. I can stir the sugar and put in the tea, after I smell it. Our kombucha mother had a baby so we made two big jars today, one for us and one for Mimee in an old pickle jar. One is lemon puh er and the other one is mango ceylon. I can’t wait until they get sparkley.

Tonight I am going to visit Iris. She sprained her knee so I can’t go to the pool with her and see Mimee after all. But I will still get to visit her tortoise and play with her toys.

Iris hurt. Poor Iris. Iris sad. Leg. Hurt Iris. Get up! Swimming, Mimee! Swim? Hurt Iris. Poor Iris, poor Iris, poor Iris. Sad. Happen? Sad Iris. Knee hurt.


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