All Done Coloring

A Day in the Life

Today we have been working hard already. I helped do laundry, picking up clothes to put in the basket and helping move the clean laundry into the dryer. Then we did our morning jobs to take care of our bodies. I sat on the potty and rinsed my nose with saline so my boogers can get flushed. I also brushed my teeth, washed my face, and took my probiotics. I prefer to do these jobs by myself, which works out because Mama forgets them a lot.

Then it was a good time to take a little break to color.

Thank you. Color color. Paper. Here. What’s this? Color color. Blue green blue red. One two one two. What’s this? Dolphin, orca. What’s this? Color color. Squid right there. Yeah. Blue squid. There. Paper. Hiding! Hiding! Squid hide. Peekaboo! What’s this? What’s this? Shapes. Tower! Knock down! Downnnnnn! All done coloring. All done coloring.

Knock down, ha ha ha! Sit down sit down blanket? Sit down sit down sit down sit down. Okay. Tower tower tower. Knock down!


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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