Sunshine sunshine sunshine

A Day in the Life

I feel much better today, just a little cough. It’s pretty out so I decide to take Mama on a walk. She needs to get out of the house and burn some energy. I walk her to the school so I can look at the kids. No one is outside so I take her to the rock under the madronas. Come on Mama. Walk.

Some kids come out and I want to go visit. Kids! Kids! Mama! We squish across the soggy field and I call out Hello to the kids. Hi kids! They are very loud and playing with balls. But Mama stops me before I can play with them.

We walk down hill to the creek. It’s so pretty. Water! I watch for a while and Mama jumps across. Jump Edie? I walk carefully across a root. Uhoh! My boot sticks in the stream and my sock gets wet. I throw leaves in and watch them drift downstream. This is the best puddle ever.

Up hill. Walk. Come on. I got you! Throw rock. Woah! I got you! Hello. Ooo. Climb, run down! Stick. I got you Mama. I love you. Fall down. Potty? We don’t have a potty so I try to sit on a stick.

I can’t relax. It’s time to go home. Bye bye water.

I wore my Mama out pretty good but to make sure I think she should carry me back.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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