Forts with Iris.

A Day in the Life

Iris is hanging out with me today. I can say her name perfectly now, not Isis anymore. She is So Amazing. Everything she does is the coolest.

We make a fort together with my Crazy Fort toys, and I help lay the blankets over the top. I go inside with Iris but it is pretty dark. Mama needs to come in too, so I lay down and have a little milk. Iris is magic and she does a crazy shadow play with a flashlight and her fingers.

It gets really hot in there. I try escaping and I get kind of tangled in the blankets. Sad. Eventually I make it out but my food is yucky and I just can’t take it anymore. Sleepy eyes. Nap. All done. For pity’s sake can you just put me in my bed now.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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