Hand Bugs! Cute!

A Day in the Life

Another sick day. I snuggle Mimee, drink tea and eat ginger toast. I sit with Da and he lets me hold a pen. Sometimes Mama draws a bumblebee and a ladybug inside my hands, so I get an idea. I color big swirls and little angles and I call to Mama. She comes over and I show Mama and Da my bugs.

Bugs. Hand bugs. Cute! Cute! New house. Coffee? Tea? Okay button. Tea. Down.

I get down and run over to Mama. Hey! Mama, bugs! Hey! Hi. Hello. Coffee. Stand up. Ohhh, whoah Mama. Down now. I sit down. Painting painting painting. I sing about the painting for a while. Hug. I run over and hung Mama then I think I’d like Da to read to me.

Sit down. Sit. Hat. Crazy. Happy happy? This is one of my favorite books about aa baby bear who loves her mama and da.

Baby baby. Cub. Mmmmm? I kiss Da. Hug. Mama? Baby bear baby bear. Up high. Jenner? This is another great book, Jennifer’s Rabbit.

Rabbit. Baby. Kangaroo. Bird. Bye rabbit. That.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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