Mimee’s Pool

A Day in the Life

It is kind of ironic because Mimee’s job is teaching swimming but my Mama never took me to her pool before and I have not gone swimming since we were in California with Nana. But on Tuesday Auntie and Iris took me to the pool and I got in to swim with Mimee.

Rosie rosie, splashes! Kick kick. I watch the babies and try it all out. I can kick kick the water and I can blow bubbles. I hold tight onto Mimee. Some silly toys are floating around, and I grab them. Octopus. Fish. Fun noodle.

After the babies leave Mimee and I get to play by ourselves for a few minutes. I climb up the steps and jump into her arms. Again! I jump! Jump! What about the edge of the pool? Mimee puts me up and I have to think about it for a second but I decide it’s definitely worth it.

Mimee is all done playing and has to work more. I am so cold my arms are shaking. I run with Iris and we get in a hot hot shower so I can warm up. I wrap my towel on me like a baby to stay warm, then I put on my unders and jammies.


Christmas Tree

A Day in the Life

We drive to some trees and look at them all. I wear my snowsuit even though it is not snowing, just raining. I was sleeping but Mama tells me to come on and I get out. Iris! Iris! Cookie, Christmas tree. What’s that? What’s that?

I hold hands with Mimee and Poppy, and we look at all the trees. We pick out one straight and tall, and a guy with a yellow suit takes it back to the truck. Cookie?


A Day in the Life

I crawl in the bed with Mama and milk up without making much noise at all. When that wraps up I like to get my bible and read it to Mama. Lately I like the Christmas story. That’s the part where Maly and Dofuf go to the bird house to get Baby Jesus.

Mary. Joseph. Donkey. Bird house right there. Baby! Jesus, baby. Cow. Sheep. Baby. Hi cow. Sheep, star. Shepherds! Guy. Sheep. Angel. Hiding! Ha ha ha Bible! Joseph. King, hat crown. What’s this? Jesus home open! Knock. Star! Mary, kid Jesus. Sleepy.

Secret Colors

A Day in the Life

Shhh I’m making a secret surprise for someone . Black. Blue. Yellow. Painting, paint brush. Tape. Clean up. Arm, paint? Armpit? Okay.

I give myself sleeves of beautiful art and I make sure some gets on my belly. This is all part of my plot to ensure I get a bath tonight!

Step up. All step up, rosie rosie! Sit down drain. I found it! I found it! Uh oh, hiding. I found it, Mama, hiding. Up up up… Sit down. Face face, I found it! Yeah! Hiding. Night night Edie, night night. Sleepy blanket.

I drape my washcloth over my belly and tuck myself in. Uh oh. Gas! Bubble! Jump up, oh my. Potty?

After a momentary break I resume my washcloth play. Neck! Head, hat. Knee on knee on. Get washcloth. Yay washcloth! All done. No no no no no. Yes yes. All done now. Edie, Edie painting. Hair, all done.

Batch of ‘Bucha

A Day in the Life

Today we made our third batch of kombucha and we tasted our first and second batches. They are all coming out really yummy. I can stir the sugar and put in the tea, after I smell it. Our kombucha mother had a baby so we made two big jars today, one for us and one for Mimee in an old pickle jar. One is lemon puh er and the other one is mango ceylon. I can’t wait until they get sparkley.

Tonight I am going to visit Iris. She sprained her knee so I can’t go to the pool with her and see Mimee after all. But I will still get to visit her tortoise and play with her toys.

Iris hurt. Poor Iris. Iris sad. Leg. Hurt Iris. Get up! Swimming, Mimee! Swim? Hurt Iris. Poor Iris, poor Iris, poor Iris. Sad. Happen? Sad Iris. Knee hurt.

All Done Coloring

A Day in the Life

Today we have been working hard already. I helped do laundry, picking up clothes to put in the basket and helping move the clean laundry into the dryer. Then we did our morning jobs to take care of our bodies. I sat on the potty and rinsed my nose with saline so my boogers can get flushed. I also brushed my teeth, washed my face, and took my probiotics. I prefer to do these jobs by myself, which works out because Mama forgets them a lot.

Then it was a good time to take a little break to color.

Thank you. Color color. Paper. Here. What’s this? Color color. Blue green blue red. One two one two. What’s this? Dolphin, orca. What’s this? Color color. Squid right there. Yeah. Blue squid. There. Paper. Hiding! Hiding! Squid hide. Peekaboo! What’s this? What’s this? Shapes. Tower! Knock down! Downnnnnn! All done coloring. All done coloring.

Knock down, ha ha ha! Sit down sit down blanket? Sit down sit down sit down sit down. Okay. Tower tower tower. Knock down!

Peekaboo Anna

A Day in the Life

I came to Anna’s house with baby Beau and we read all her books. Baby Beau has nifty diapers kind of like the ones I used to wear. Anna and I borrow them and tuck them in to bed. Night night diapers. I snuggle in Anna’s bed but she looks at me like what would you do that for. Okay Anna, what do you think we should do?

Anna takes me to the drapes and shows me how to hide in them. Oh Anna, how did you know I love peekaboo? We jump in and out of our secret drape spot. Boo! Booo!

Beau gets more milk than me. That’s not cool.

Sunshine sunshine sunshine

A Day in the Life

I feel much better today, just a little cough. It’s pretty out so I decide to take Mama on a walk. She needs to get out of the house and burn some energy. I walk her to the school so I can look at the kids. No one is outside so I take her to the rock under the madronas. Come on Mama. Walk.

Some kids come out and I want to go visit. Kids! Kids! Mama! We squish across the soggy field and I call out Hello to the kids. Hi kids! They are very loud and playing with balls. But Mama stops me before I can play with them.

We walk down hill to the creek. It’s so pretty. Water! I watch for a while and Mama jumps across. Jump Edie? I walk carefully across a root. Uhoh! My boot sticks in the stream and my sock gets wet. I throw leaves in and watch them drift downstream. This is the best puddle ever.

Up hill. Walk. Come on. I got you! Throw rock. Woah! I got you! Hello. Ooo. Climb, run down! Stick. I got you Mama. I love you. Fall down. Potty? We don’t have a potty so I try to sit on a stick.

I can’t relax. It’s time to go home. Bye bye water.

I wore my Mama out pretty good but to make sure I think she should carry me back.

Forts with Iris.

A Day in the Life

Iris is hanging out with me today. I can say her name perfectly now, not Isis anymore. She is So Amazing. Everything she does is the coolest.

We make a fort together with my Crazy Fort toys, and I help lay the blankets over the top. I go inside with Iris but it is pretty dark. Mama needs to come in too, so I lay down and have a little milk. Iris is magic and she does a crazy shadow play with a flashlight and her fingers.

It gets really hot in there. I try escaping and I get kind of tangled in the blankets. Sad. Eventually I make it out but my food is yucky and I just can’t take it anymore. Sleepy eyes. Nap. All done. For pity’s sake can you just put me in my bed now.

Hand Bugs! Cute!

A Day in the Life

Another sick day. I snuggle Mimee, drink tea and eat ginger toast. I sit with Da and he lets me hold a pen. Sometimes Mama draws a bumblebee and a ladybug inside my hands, so I get an idea. I color big swirls and little angles and I call to Mama. She comes over and I show Mama and Da my bugs.

Bugs. Hand bugs. Cute! Cute! New house. Coffee? Tea? Okay button. Tea. Down.

I get down and run over to Mama. Hey! Mama, bugs! Hey! Hi. Hello. Coffee. Stand up. Ohhh, whoah Mama. Down now. I sit down. Painting painting painting. I sing about the painting for a while. Hug. I run over and hung Mama then I think I’d like Da to read to me.

Sit down. Sit. Hat. Crazy. Happy happy? This is one of my favorite books about aa baby bear who loves her mama and da.

Baby baby. Cub. Mmmmm? I kiss Da. Hug. Mama? Baby bear baby bear. Up high. Jenner? This is another great book, Jennifer’s Rabbit.

Rabbit. Baby. Kangaroo. Bird. Bye rabbit. That.