Play Day with Anna and Beau

A Day in the Life

Anna came to my house and took me to see baby Beau. He is little. I see him sleeping and when he wakes up I give his head gentle touches. Baby Beau has a pet. Kitty Cat! A long fluffy tail and soft soft fur. I give the cat gentle touches too. Then I push the cat’s nose. Back up! Mama says I don’t have to do that to cat because they are not Phydeaux. Okay. Just checking.

I eat all Anna’s oranges and some sandwiches. We find Beau’s big cloth blocks. Tower! Anna, tower. Right there. One two one one one. Big! Tower; knock! Fall down! Knock! Knock! Tower.

Anna and I find baby Beau’s food boxes. We make more towers and scatter them all around. Now it’s time to clean up. Back back box.

Anna brings me home and I try to visit Mabel but no one comes out so I put some of her rocks in my mouth. Mimee: home. I go in and tell her about Anna. I eat ‘cados and chips and a little salsa.

Monkey snuggle. Mimee? No way. Hello. Water water? Okay. Cough bless you. O de baby la yay! Cute baby. Sit down.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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