Rain Escape

A Day in the Life

After yesterday I felt pretty cooped up but I’m not sick anymore. Mama said we could go to the beach after our tea party. Wow! Tea party! Steam, water. Hot. Steam. Cheers.

We packed up a snack and went downstairs to get warm clothes on. Jacket, coat, socks, shoes. But when we got upstairs again it was raining! Too wet for the beach. We changed into our boots and I put on Iris’s rain coat because mine would not fit over my poofy vest and it too cold for no poofy vest. Iris is six. Her jacket covered up my knees like a dress and the sleeves hung down my hands like monkey arms.

Well we didn’t go very far but I wore out all the same. We walked under empty trees and talked about winter. We listened to the rain on our hoods. I told Mama I wanted to see a kitty cat, but there were none out. No bugs, not cats, no dogs. Everyone was hiding from the rain. But not me!


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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