We see Anty Rachel at the Park

A Day in the Life

We came to Tacoma and Anty Rachel was running here! But then she ran away. Oh well.

We walked over to the pond. Ducks! Seagull! Squirrel! Kick leaves. Big truck. Toys.

Swing swing gibbon. Push mama! All done. Swing push? Okay. All done. There is a certain point when it just gets too high for me.

Slide. Climb. Rock! Climb; stand up, hand, jump. Woooo! Rock rock rock. Hand, jump. Kid! Wahoo! Big! Self! I show Mama the other kids, then I point to myself. Kid. Big girl. I mean, I am really not a baby now.

I climb all the way up on the toadstools, all six. Self. Jump. Hand? Mama says no hand. She helps a little when I loose my balance but mostly I do it by myself. We talk to some neighbors, and I go up and down slides. Some kid yells a tease far away; I pick up the refrain. Nanananananana! A little more rock climbing, some play beads… This is a total triumph for me. Mama asks if I want to see ducks again. Byebye toys, I sing over and over. Byebye toys.


One thought on “We see Anty Rachel at the Park

  1. I loved all the new pictures and Edie stories. I didn’t think I would ever see another one! I missed all of you! Nana and Papa

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