Foggy Morning with Mimee

A Day in the Life

I read my bible for as long as I could stand it, then I flipped out of Mama’s bed and ran upstairs to get Mimee. She was using the bathroom sink, so I had a great idea to hang out with her. Potty! I did it by myself but she helped me with my tricky pants.

Now we are snuggling on the couch. We look out at the fog and the birds. Blanket please? We cuddle and I read Mimee’s bible to her; star. Page. Sticker. The stickers are the notes she stuck in there. Candle. There are just little pictures.

Iris? Wow! Grandma, grandpa! Wow! Rachel, Jon, wow! Sunshine. Coffee. Bible.

Mama goes to the bathroom but I find her and knock on the door. Potty, mama. Okay. I climb up and do my job, and I get to press buttons on my one noisy toy while I pee. All done. Okay. Wash hands. Door open. Come on! Pie!

Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pie. Food. Bite cookie. And by cookie I mean whole wheat crust on my half sweet pumpkin pie. Cough. Bless you. Bite bite. All done. Mouth empty. Down. Please Mimee. Thank you.


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