Park. Okay.

A Day in the Life

My dog gets crazy when he is missing Poppy. Me too. Poppy was on the boat in the rain and thunder and now he is back. We ride his car to the park and I throw the ball for Phydeaux. Poppy also throws the ball but he throws it too far. Phydeaux throws the ball for me. Catch ball. Go go! Phydeaux! I climb up. Slide? Okay. My butt gets wet but it’s not pee.

I hold Poppy’s hand. I missed him so much! Poppy: home.

We get back to our house. More rain. Mama and I make tea and I drink lots. My hands are so cold. I fill up my belly with hot tea.

But this is a problem. I am really good at putting all my pee in the potty, but tea makes it too hard. I run for the potty and put most off it in there. Wet unders. Hmm. I carry my pants and unders to the laundry and get new ones. Mama helps me thread my legs through all the holes in the right directions. All clean.

My eyes are sleepy. I eat a whole banana and half an avacado. Okay. Story. Night night. A nice nap.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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