Chicken Soup and Ochange

A Day in the Life

I’m still kind of sick. Sleepy sleepy eye. Mama. Please. Sad sad sad. Night night.

I take my nap but it doesn’t work. I can’t hold my body still and I can’t fall asleep. We try everything, stories, singing, rocking, laying still. Finally I get in Mama’s bed and snuggle some milk. We rest for a while and I sleep a bit. When I wake up we take a shower and go up for remedy food. Homemade chicken soup with mushrooms, onions, carrots, and celery. I’m still hungry. Ochange? Ochange please? Mama peels me a clementine and I shove three segments in my mouth at a time. I sip my dandelion tea and chomp a few tomatos.

Mama asks how I feel. Happy. My voice is like a muppet and sometimes no words come out. I have a winning smile though so I use that instead.


Play Day with Anna and Beau

A Day in the Life

Anna came to my house and took me to see baby Beau. He is little. I see him sleeping and when he wakes up I give his head gentle touches. Baby Beau has a pet. Kitty Cat! A long fluffy tail and soft soft fur. I give the cat gentle touches too. Then I push the cat’s nose. Back up! Mama says I don’t have to do that to cat because they are not Phydeaux. Okay. Just checking.

I eat all Anna’s oranges and some sandwiches. We find Beau’s big cloth blocks. Tower! Anna, tower. Right there. One two one one one. Big! Tower; knock! Fall down! Knock! Knock! Tower.

Anna and I find baby Beau’s food boxes. We make more towers and scatter them all around. Now it’s time to clean up. Back back box.

Anna brings me home and I try to visit Mabel but no one comes out so I put some of her rocks in my mouth. Mimee: home. I go in and tell her about Anna. I eat ‘cados and chips and a little salsa.

Monkey snuggle. Mimee? No way. Hello. Water water? Okay. Cough bless you. O de baby la yay! Cute baby. Sit down.

Rain Escape

A Day in the Life

After yesterday I felt pretty cooped up but I’m not sick anymore. Mama said we could go to the beach after our tea party. Wow! Tea party! Steam, water. Hot. Steam. Cheers.

We packed up a snack and went downstairs to get warm clothes on. Jacket, coat, socks, shoes. But when we got upstairs again it was raining! Too wet for the beach. We changed into our boots and I put on Iris’s rain coat because mine would not fit over my poofy vest and it too cold for no poofy vest. Iris is six. Her jacket covered up my knees like a dress and the sleeves hung down my hands like monkey arms.

Well we didn’t go very far but I wore out all the same. We walked under empty trees and talked about winter. We listened to the rain on our hoods. I told Mama I wanted to see a kitty cat, but there were none out. No bugs, not cats, no dogs. Everyone was hiding from the rain. But not me!

Snuggle Fever

A Day in the Life

Today sucked. Fortunately I have a nice personality.

I had a fever in the morning so I grinched and whined at my Mama until she gave up on all her stupid jobs. I refused all my breakfast and used my sad glazey eyes to make her give me a pound of oranges later. I took all the milk and some crackers and mostly licked them sticky while watching three episodes of ‘Gabba Gabba.

Mama let me play with a bucket of rice. I used spoons to scoop and pour and I helped clean up at the end. A little.

We ate some lunch and Mama read me some Wind in the Willows while I fell asleep.

I got up and was kind of confused so instead of coming upstairs I wandered around and had an accident. Then I just had to yell until Mama came down to find out ‘happened.

Then she tried to make dinner. What a crazy idea. I was trying to show her that her dinner recipe wasn’t going to work by pulling things off the counter. My balance is messed up. Stuff fell on my head. I fell on my head. The chicken was yucky too.

We see Anty Rachel at the Park

A Day in the Life

We came to Tacoma and Anty Rachel was running here! But then she ran away. Oh well.

We walked over to the pond. Ducks! Seagull! Squirrel! Kick leaves. Big truck. Toys.

Swing swing gibbon. Push mama! All done. Swing push? Okay. All done. There is a certain point when it just gets too high for me.

Slide. Climb. Rock! Climb; stand up, hand, jump. Woooo! Rock rock rock. Hand, jump. Kid! Wahoo! Big! Self! I show Mama the other kids, then I point to myself. Kid. Big girl. I mean, I am really not a baby now.

I climb all the way up on the toadstools, all six. Self. Jump. Hand? Mama says no hand. She helps a little when I loose my balance but mostly I do it by myself. We talk to some neighbors, and I go up and down slides. Some kid yells a tease far away; I pick up the refrain. Nanananananana! A little more rock climbing, some play beads… This is a total triumph for me. Mama asks if I want to see ducks again. Byebye toys, I sing over and over. Byebye toys.

Foggy Morning with Mimee

A Day in the Life

I read my bible for as long as I could stand it, then I flipped out of Mama’s bed and ran upstairs to get Mimee. She was using the bathroom sink, so I had a great idea to hang out with her. Potty! I did it by myself but she helped me with my tricky pants.

Now we are snuggling on the couch. We look out at the fog and the birds. Blanket please? We cuddle and I read Mimee’s bible to her; star. Page. Sticker. The stickers are the notes she stuck in there. Candle. There are just little pictures.

Iris? Wow! Grandma, grandpa! Wow! Rachel, Jon, wow! Sunshine. Coffee. Bible.

Mama goes to the bathroom but I find her and knock on the door. Potty, mama. Okay. I climb up and do my job, and I get to press buttons on my one noisy toy while I pee. All done. Okay. Wash hands. Door open. Come on! Pie!

Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pie. Food. Bite cookie. And by cookie I mean whole wheat crust on my half sweet pumpkin pie. Cough. Bless you. Bite bite. All done. Mouth empty. Down. Please Mimee. Thank you.

‘Givin’! Wow!

A Day in the Life

Mimee is teaching me how to make a turkey. We use this silly tool to move juice from the bottom of the pan to the top of the turkey. I help her squeeze the top part. I like helping. I’m big enough.

I take a reading break and soon Mimee lights some candles. I tell her I want to blow the match but it’s a moment too late. She makes a happy face though and lights a new one. Blow. I make the fire stop.

Mimee is busy. She tells me about the friends who are coming and the dinner we will eat. Wow. When she walks to get something I chase her because I can’t let her get away. Mimee! She straightens the bathroom and I peek in the drawers .

Da is home today instead of work. Also Uncle Michael is here. I go in with the guys and watch some silly dogs on a show. Commercials come on. Kitty cat! Kitty cat!

Ooo, now Mimee is vacuuming. I chase her but Poppy scoops me up. We vacuum together. Uncle Matt gives me an olive.

Gratitude is a bit advanced, but I am so happy for my big family.

Park. Okay.

A Day in the Life

My dog gets crazy when he is missing Poppy. Me too. Poppy was on the boat in the rain and thunder and now he is back. We ride his car to the park and I throw the ball for Phydeaux. Poppy also throws the ball but he throws it too far. Phydeaux throws the ball for me. Catch ball. Go go! Phydeaux! I climb up. Slide? Okay. My butt gets wet but it’s not pee.

I hold Poppy’s hand. I missed him so much! Poppy: home.

We get back to our house. More rain. Mama and I make tea and I drink lots. My hands are so cold. I fill up my belly with hot tea.

But this is a problem. I am really good at putting all my pee in the potty, but tea makes it too hard. I run for the potty and put most off it in there. Wet unders. Hmm. I carry my pants and unders to the laundry and get new ones. Mama helps me thread my legs through all the holes in the right directions. All clean.

My eyes are sleepy. I eat a whole banana and half an avacado. Okay. Story. Night night. A nice nap.

Long Time Gone

A Day in the Life

I went on a big trip to visit anty Rachel and that Jon. We went to two woods and ate pie. I threw rocks in the water and played with Tiki’s blocks and went to the nursury at Bethany Church.

Two nights in Seattle, then we went to Tacoma two more nights. I visited Uncle Brendan at his new house and the next day I went to play with trains and then we found Grandma at the Rosewood. In the evening Uncle Brendan came over with Auntie Erin and this kid Seth who turns out to be my cousin once removed. And a ton of other people. I love Grandma most often. We ate more pie.

Today we went to a restaraunt with amazing beans, La Fondita, with Grandma and Mama. Oh yes, and Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Erin, Uncle Brendan, and my blue dog. It was ‘licious and yummy. In the bathroom I fell down, and I told everyone my sad story. And by everyone I mean Grandma.

Tonight I am going back to Mimee and Poppy’s house. I miss them and I hope I’m not too tired to snuggle and eat pie.

I May Not Look Like I Can Have Hairdos. But I So Can.

A Day in the Life

I am getting bigger and my hair is getting bigger and my words are getting bigger and I love it. I easily say two words together any time I want. Some of my favorite combos are “pumpkin pie,” “Uncle Matt,” and “Mama hand” which means Mama I’m going to drag you by the hand to this thing I want to have or do.

I wear earrings and unders and pigtails and I am a full on kid now. Didn’t see that coming, did you?